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About VietNam Moving



On the market began to appear a number of service providers moving office, home delivery services of professional foreign specialize in moving to the families of foreigners living and working in Vietnam and some transport domestic goods and specialized loading boss. 
Providers moving services professional overseas so far away geographically, cost management between public health overseas parent company in Vietnam is very high, resulting in a price move to move higher, as well as the differences in culture and working environment that way, the process worked quite hard rigid flexible, does not fit the actual Vietnam.
The transport domestic goods cum unloading lower costs but not professional service because only concurrently assume so staff are mostly just replacing customer handling. While, switch to clean professionally requires employees to be trained on the process of removable furniture, packing of goods, transport, ... Stars for the goods by the customer is the safest, avoid loss and damage during transportation. 
To meet the need for a supplier of moving services professional, high quality with reasonable price, the company Vietnam Moving was born to customers can be completely at ease and peace of mind for moving moving house or office.

About us VietNam Moving

VIETNAM MOVING was established in the context of the market economy, Vietnam developed, many businesses born. Along with the process of urbanization, a series of office buildings, apartments, luxury apartments are built and brought about the demand for office transformation, housing is also increasing.